EURACTIV Romania has launched a new awareness project aiming at promoting among the Romanian youth the work of the European Parliament.

Short description

YOUth Parlamentor is an ambitious initiative that plans to continue the success of – the first EP-orientated Romanian online media platform (developed with the financial support of the European Parliament). The goals of the project are to promote the activities of the EP and to inform the Romanian youth regarding its structure and role within the EU. The initiative will attract young viewers to the web-based platform by identifying and promoting the actions and instruments of the EP that are directly connected to their current political, social and economic concerns.


The project started from the premise that EU-related news, in particular EP- and EC-related releases, continue to be solely peripheral concerns for the young Romanian public. In this sense, the initiative targets the young public, seeking to bring together its concerns with the activities and initiatives of the European Parliament in an innovative media concept. 

Specific objectives

The project will aim to:

1) Promote the EP and increase the visibility of its activities, including its announcements and official communications, among the Romanian public, with a particular focus on Romanian youth

2) Raise the Romanian youth awareness regarding the importance of the EP and its role in the EU, including the effects of its activities in the daily lives of EU citizens

3) Improve knowledge of the EP`s actions, including of its policies and values, among Romanian citizens with ages between 18 to 26.


The project`s main action will refer to the technical development of a new online platform that will continue the identity and objectives of Once finalized, it will host weekly and monthly analyses of the activities of European Parliament, as well as info-graphics and presentation materials. The analyses will address the activities of the Parliament that are directly connected to the main areas of interest of the Romanian youth. The nature and details of these concerns will be established through a tailored poll. 

The project is financed by the European Parliament, DG Communication.

The contents of this material are the sole responsibility of EURACTIV Romania and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.